I offer various consulting and sales services that can help you achieve your business goals. Do you need help building your marketing plan to increase visibility? Save time by digitization so you can spend more time developing new products. Is your business growing, but you’re not ready to take on a full-time employee? I got you covered!

Ready to step foot into different countries/continents, but don’t know where to start?  We can assist in creating your sales and marketing strategy to kickstart your goals and help you reach them.

Making the step from occasionally selling via dealers and early adopters for your brand to expand it more mainstream might bring some struggles at first. How do you manage your sales and marketing strategy so your brand can grow rapidly via dealers? This requires a different way of marketing since you are not only targeting the customer, but you now also target resellers! We can create and execute a marketing plan, so your growth is supported in a sustainable way. Plus, you will save time to develop more awesome products!

How to accelerate your business and grow a healthy dealer network? I can help you to achieve your goals by creating, expanding and maintaining your network with creative distribution strategies.

If you ever tried dipping your toes in the distribution pool you might have found
out that overseas relationships are harder to maintain in an effective way. How to cope with different VAT/pricing/wishes, without sacrificing a continuous flow that helps you grow? We can set up or expand your network of dealers of freediving schools. With years of experience in building, managing and expanding clients, Freedive Solutions guarantees to boost your branding and sales.

Do you truly understand your customer needs? How can your supply chain solve problems and challenges in their line of work?

We live in a world where the customer has endless variety of products which they can choose, and retailers must have quick access to your supply. In a fast paced online world, retailers must have stock available to optimize their sales. Helping out by creating faster cut off-times, better inventory management, cheaper and better transportation needs including supporting in managing customs departments avoiding additional costs. This will make your products more profitable for you as your dealer and be visible in retail, a valuable place for dive enthusiasts and your brand.


Small business owners often are do-it-yourself types who prefer to be involved in every aspect of their operations, from choosing the type of packaging for shipment to doing daily order fulfillment and other chores. Many business owners find it difficult to delegate tasks to employees or outside consultants. However, if you are a small business owner and spend too much time on daily business activities, this can hold you back from evolving your brand and products.  It can be super beneficial to seek a helping hand so you can evolve your business, run smoothly and accelerate growth.

As your business grows, it may make more sense to farm out some of these duties to make sure your valuable time goes into developing your brand/products while still evolving into a more fluid and more professional organization. I can assist you project-based, interim based, or on a more steady basis-